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What is a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)?

SQLs are leads with high customer potential, evaluated and ready for the closing sales team.

A Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is a term used in sales and marketing to describe a lead that has been fully evaluated and deemed ready to be passed on to the closing team. SQLs are leads that have been qualified by the sales team as having a high likelihood of becoming a customer.

The criteria used to determine a Sales Qualified Lead can vary from company to company, but typically involves a comprehensive evaluation of the lead's interest, needs, budget, and decision-making timeline. The sales team will conduct in-depth research and have discussions with the lead to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and to determine if the company's products or services are a good fit.

Once a lead is classified as a Sales Qualified Lead, it is considered a "hot" lead and is given priority by the closing team. The closing team will then work to close the deal and convert the lead into a customer.

It is important to note that a Sales Qualified Lead is not the same as a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), which is a lead that has shown enough interest and engagement in a company's products or services to be considered "sales-ready." The distinction between MQLs and SQLs is important because it helps to optimize the sales process by ensuring that the sales team is only working with leads that have a high likelihood of becoming customers.

In conclusion, Sales Qualified Leads play a crucial role in the sales and marketing process. By thoroughly evaluating leads and only passing on the most promising ones to the closing team, companies can increase their chances of closing deals and achieving their sales goals.