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Scaling Up B2B Sales With Full-Funnel Automation

Scaling Up B2B Sales With Full-Funnel Automation

The world’s changing. The far-fetched idea of the Metaverse is now a well-known reality, and AI is taking up almost all market sectors. A job that took the efforts of several individuals and multiple days for completion now takes only a few minutes to be done by a robot.

And just like all other industries, marketing is also undergoing a massive revolution. The concept of full-funnel automation has been around for a while now, but businesses have recently started to see the tool as mandatory for efficient scale-ups.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or new to the idea of full-funnel automation? If so, let us walk you through the concept in detail.

What Is Full-Funnel Automation In B2B Sales?

Q: First up, What Is A Sales Funnel?

A: A sales funnel is a gradual process your customer goes through before purchasing from you. The top of the funnel represents a customer who is not yet aware of the problem; in the next stage, they become problem-aware, then solution-aware, product-aware, and finally, you can market your product, so they may purchase it.

Q: Now, What Is Sales Funnel Automation?

A: To market your product efficiently, you must share with your audience the right content at the right time. In simpler words, you cannot advertise your earphones to someone who doesn’t even know they need an earphone.

Full-funnel automation is an AI sequence that shares content that aligns with your prospects' level of awareness. The content can include anything, like messages, emails or images.

Scaling Up B2B Sales With Full-Funnel Automation

Why Do You Need Full-Funnel Automation?

Q: Before proceeding with full-funnel automation, let’s first understand what is sales nurturing?

A: Sales nurturing is the gradual process of convincing prospects to buy your product or service.

How does full-funnel automation help in nurturing sales?

Before AI, marketers had to manually send welcome emails to everyone that subscribed to their newsletters. Now it is up to the automation software to automatically send first emails, so marketers can focus on less-monotonous tasks and more strategic tasks.

According to an update to a previous study by Invespcro, marketing automation can yield up to a 14.5% increase in sales and reduce marketing overheads by 12.2%. Nearly 80% of businesses that automated their funnels witnessed a rise in sales and a 77% rise in conversions. (Invespcro, 2022)

How Full-Funnel Automation Helps In Scaling Up B2B Business?

Full-funnel automation is quickly becoming one of the most integral tools to efficiently scale up B2B sales. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Multi-moment: Using AI helps to communicate in real time through multiple channels and predict potential customer behaviour.
  • Time-efficient: Letting AI perform most of the repetitive marketing tasks saves marketers valuable time.
  • Cost-efficient: Hiring manual labor to perform mundane marketing tasks is expensive, while automation isn’t.
  • More leads: Automated funnels drive more leads by appropriately pitching the product to the right buyer.
  • More conversions: Timely advertising your product means scaling up conversions.
Which Automation Tools Do You Need To Scale Up B2B Business?

Which Automation Tools Do You Need To Scale Up B2B Business?

There are several tools available that can be your wingmen while you scale up your B2B Business. These include the following:

  1. Email Marketing Automation Tools

    The majority of people think email marketing is dead, when the truth is – far from it. Emails still make up most of a business’ sales, but ONLY if you send the right emails to the right audience, considering which stage of the sales funnel they are at.

    You might think it's a hassle. It is. But with automation, the task becomes exponentially accessible.

    Email automation tools automatically send the preset email prompted by a predetermined action. For example, to all prospects that opened your last email it sends the next one in the funnel sequence, and to those who didn’t it sends the other one for the same stage.

  2. Inventory Management Tools

    While scaling up, keeping track of your inventory should be your utmost priority. And it would usually eat up a lot of your time. But efficient software or partnering with the right company to help you scale makes your job easier. You can use automated inventory tools to supervise your supply, predict shortages, and suggest restocking.

  3. Social Media Automation Tools

    Modern brands use social media to market their products and reach a wider audience effectively. But these platforms require a lot of energy and focus on multiple fronts. Automation can save you a lot of effort by simplifying many tasks.

    • Social media automation tools keep track of the hottest prospects across the platform.
    • They determine which influencer best suits your marketing plan.
    • They monitor your marketing campaigns and point out flaws.
    • They schedule your posts, so you don’t have to stay online all the time.
  4. Order Fulfillment Tools

    When scaling up your sales, you'll face a massive influx of orders. Managing them manually is impossible. Order fulfillment tools note your orders, ensure their fulfillment, keep track of the delivery, and monitor your inventory.

  5. Advertising Automation Tools

    If you operate through an e-commerce website, you are having a hard time cracking their advertising formulas. Advertising automation tools can help you bid efficiently, search for the right keywords, and maintain your ACoS.

  6. Accounting and Bookkeeping Tools

    Keeping track of your accounts and invoices during a scale-up is hard. Automation tools can make the process swifter. They store your invoices, manage your account, and keep track of your debits and credits.

  7. Workflow Automation Tools

    Several tools help manage your workflow during a scale-up. Calendar apps keep track of your appointments, and digital assets apps organize the essential media for your business.

    Plus, you will need a tool to oversee all other automation software, so you don’t jumble up everything.

  8. End-to-end Analytics

    End-to-end analytics tracks all customers' behaviour from the very first click to the last click allowing you to build attribution models to see how to optimize marketing, sales and service spending to obtain necessary results. It is even possible to build predictive and even prescriptive sales forecasting to look into the future and understand what you need to do right now to get better future scenarios for the commercial part of your business.

How To Practically Start Implementing Full-Funnel Automation To Start Scaling Up?

Investing in full-funnel automation like ScaleboX (loved by HubSpot) today will help you while you scale your business tomorrow.

But what are the steps toward an automated and more efficient scale-up?

  1. Research The Market

    The first step towards full-funnel automation is market research. Find your product’s demand, market size, pricing, and saturation.

  2. Create A USP

    A unique selling proposition (USP) will make you stand out among your competitors and improve your funnel’s efficiency.

  3. Advertise Through Content

    Valuable content helps educate the audience and persuades them to buy your product.

    Pro Tip: Use appropriate CTAs in your organic and paid ads.

  4. Offer Lead Magnets

    A lead magnet is when you ask your prospects to subscribe to your newsletter in return for information that may be valuable to them. Lead magnets are the essential first step toward successful email marketing. It can include free webinars, ebooks, checklists, or trials.

  5. Use Email Marketing Automation

    Once you have your leads’ email addresses, you should send them automated emails for nurturing sales. Automation tools help in sending preset emails in response to predetermined actions.

  6. Keep Engaging With Your Prospects

    A prospect that turns into a customer still needs engagement to become a loyal patron of your brand. Keep touching your buyers with persuasive content, so they don’t forget about you.

Automated Sales Funnels Scale-Up Better!

Automated Sales Funnels Scale-Up Better!

Full-funnel automation is the prerequisite to scaling up your B2B business to enjoy higher revenue and lower expenses. So, are you ready to automate your funnels?

But first, do you need help with targeting and engagement of leads, content conversion path, lead growth, conversion rates, and shortening the sales cycle?

If so, ScaleboX can prove to be an incredibly helpful app that finds lead companies, contacts their decision-makers, engages them with valuable content, and turns them into your customers.

It can find and contact up to 500 leads per day, saving 30% of your sales and marketing costs, and nearly doubling your revenue generation speed.

It considerably shortens the sales cycles and multiplies conversion rates.

Plus, it takes over the repetitive tasks of constantly engaging the customers, supervising online accounts, and hunting appropriate leads so you can focus on the important strategic tasks.

With all of the above benefits you can test new business ideas, launch new products, enter new markets, increase your market shares, scale up your sales.

All of this within a month!

It sounds too good to be true, right?

Give this article a read and check out all the ways ScaleboX can help you plan your subsequent scale-up conveniently and quickly!

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