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Why Consider ScaleboX To Scale Up B2B Sales? One Solution To A 100 Scale-Up Problems.

Why Consider ScaleboX To Scale Up B2B Sales? One Solution To A 100 Scale-Up Problems.

Scaling up B2B sales is not easy. You need to watch your expenses, grow your leads, and deal with a massive influx of orders coming your way.

More than half of the startups fall victim to the cumbersome scaling-up process and don’t get to see more than 5 years of operation. And more than 75% of companies fail trying to explore new foreign markets and scale their sales globally.

Growing your sales to enterprises can be overwhelming. But there are technologies that run on Artificial Intelligence and can help you navigate the complex B2B community, find prospects, and generate fruitful leads.

Are you confused about whether to grow or scale your business?

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If you’ve finally taken the wise decision of scaling-up your business at zero additional costs rather than investing more to grow your business, then read it till the end.

What Is ScaleboX?

ScaleboX is full-funnel automation software that helps B2B business owners scale their sales without getting burdened with repetitive marketing tasks and exhausting costs.

full-funnel automation software

If you are a business owner who deals with other businesses, let me walk you through how ScaleboX can help you scale your business.

5 Key Challenges You Can Face While Scaling Your Business

First. What challenges can you as a B2B owner face while scaling up your business?

  1. Finding and penetrating potential leads

    It is tricky to find companies that qualify your ideal customer profiles. But let’s suppose for a second you’ve got lucky in finding those companies. The chances of reaching out to their actual decision-makers are less than 10%. So, how are you going to turn them into paying-customers when you won’t even be able to reach out to them?

  2. Repetitive Marketing

    Now let’s suppose you got extra-lucky in identifying and then contacting the decision-makers, you will have to engage with them approximately 12-17 times, according to a study by Hubspot, to close the deal. Doesn’t it require extra labor hours, the stress of remembering it, and a waste of energy and resources? Yes, and tons of money too.

  3. Building brand awareness

    Introducing your brand to people, establishing its authority, and building a trust-worthy relationship with your leads is crucial, but time-consuming too. It requires you to constantly engage with your prospects, provide them with the right content at the right time, and help them throughout the marketing process. All this requires time, commitment, and dedication.

  4. Changing marketing trends

    The world is turning into a digital hub and traditional marketing tactics don’t work anymore. You cannot simply use conventional marketing tactics and expect them to do the job for you. Companies wanting to scale now are using different marketing trends and coping with the new marketing trends can be overwhelming for you.

Why Consider ScaleboX To Scale Up B2B Sales? One Solution To A 100 Scale-Up Problems.

How Does ScaleboX Help Overcome B2B Scaling Challenges?

As we mentioned, ScaleboX is a human-like robotic full-funnel automation that helps you scale up B2B sales and develop dealer channels. It finds and engages with buyer personas at a speed that fits your strategic ambitions.

ScaleboX is a human-like robotic full-funnel automation that helps you scale up B2B sales and develop dealer channels.

Hence, it helps overcome the challenges you as a B2B owner face while scaling your business.

Let us show you how we do it.

30+ Tools-In-One App

ScaleboX is an all-in-one solution with more than 30 tools that perform the following tasks, so you can focus more on the strategic decisions for your company:

Find and contact target buying personas

Which companies fit your ideal customer profile? Who’s the person in that company you should contact for marketing your product?

ScaleboX has several tools that help us find and communicate with your target buying personas in these initial stages.

Engage prospects in a humanized conversation

After identifying and contacting the ideal customer profiles, we engage them in a humanized one-to-one conversation. ScaleboX tracks their activities, understands their needs, and shares valuable content. Hence, your customer makes an educated and suitable choice.

Create brand awareness across online platforms

There are hundreds of social media platforms and being active on just one takes a lot of time and effort. ScaleboX gives you access to tools that can help you manage your company’s profile on numerous online platforms at once. It finds ideal customer profiles (ICP) through open and closed data sources. Through ScaleboX, we offer them tailored content, nurture them, educate them, and turn them into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL).

Go at a speed that suits you

Since ScaleboX is powered by AI, it can do the job for you at any speed you deem appropriate. If you are ambitious to scale your business within no time, we can engage more buyer personas so more leads are generated for you, and if you’d like to scale at a slower pace, we will send fewer messages to generate the number of leads that you think is good for you.

Shorten the sales cycle

B2B dealings are often characterized by lengthy sales cycles, with a chance of a customer losing interest. ScaleboX specializes in shortening these monotonous dealings and speeding sales up to two times.

Boost sales for extra cash flow

To scale up your sales, you will need some extra cash in your pocket. ScaleboX boosts your sales revenue faster than your sales and marketing expenses so you have enough resources to scale up your business.

Also since ScaleboX is cheaper than hiring manual labor to do the same job, you save up to 30% of your sales and marketing cost.

Wanna learn how full-funnel automation helps with scaling b2b sales? We’ve got that covered for you over here.

Three Stages of ScaleboX

ScaleboX consists of three stages, each of which performs its specific functions efficiently:

  1. ScaleboX App

    ScaleboX automatically finds leads and their contact information and processes them for conversion in the second stage.

  2. ScaleboX Conversion Path

    The next stage consists of turning contacts into marketing qualified leads or MQL. ScaleboX does this by assessing the needs of the prospects and offering them the best solution while marketing your product.

  3. ScaleboX Sales Execution

    ScaleboX further helps in scaling up your business by turning leads into closed deals, shortening the sales cycle, and multiplying conversion rates. It provides customized information at the right time to the right individuals.

With ScaleboX, you get the benefits of these 3 stages and more than 30 tools in just one place to scale up your business faster and easier – to work less and earn more.

Two Methodologies

ScaleboX is a full-funnel automation and sales execution app built on the two most efficient methodologies: Inbound Marketing and Account-Based Marketing.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a way to grow your customer base by providing them with value-added content at the right stage of their buying journey at the right time.

Unlike outbound marketing, inbound tactics analyze the targeted individuals, assess their needs, and provide them with information that moves them to the middle of the funnel which precedes the bottom of the funnel.

Here are the 3 ways ScaleboX incorporates Inbound Marketing:

  • Attract: It provides valuable content to attract the target personas to establish their trust in your business.
  • Engage: It provides the prospects with relevant solutions to their problems, establishing you as a thought leader, your product as the solution, and convincing them to buy from you.
  • Delight: It makes the customer journey a smooth process to not only satisfy but delight the customers so they refer you to their network – the best way to bring in more customers at zero additional costs.

Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is a combined effort of both marketing and sales teams. Both departments of a B2B company work together to identify their target personas and turn them into customers. ScaleboX helps you do both - effectively and efficiently.

So, how does ScaleboX help in integrating ABM methodology into your sales process?

  • It keeps your marketing, sales, and customer service teams in sync.
  • It builds your brand’s authority in front of the best fit accounts.
  • It helps deliver consistent customer experiences.
  • It keeps track of your ROI.
  • It streamlines the sales cycle.

Integrated Seamless Conversion Path

The Conversion Path is ScaleboX’s second stage. It converts Prospect Contacts into Marketing Qualified Leads.

ScaleboX Conversion Path engages prospects in a humanized communication powered by AI. The application then offers them appropriate content to educate them which further nurtures them into valuable leads.

To streamline this process, we categorize the client decision process into 3 levels and 7 steps.

Level 1 – Top of the Funnel

1st step. Buyer profiles need recognition.


2nd step. The buyer wants recognition.

Level 2 – Mid of the Funnel

3rd step. The buyer searches for relevant information.


4th step. The buyer evaluates available alternatives.

Level 3 – Bottom of the Funnel

5th step. ScaleboX helps buyers make a choice.


6th step. ScaleboX helps buyers take action.


7th step. Post-purchase evaluation.

The marketing funnel allows potential customers to decide in light of the information and content they receive.

Tailor-Made Content And Conversation Paths

Throughout the customer's decision-making journey, it is essential to share helpful and valuable content with the prospect. ScaleboX helps by identifying the client’s needs and providing them with prompt solutions through content. Hence, the client now sees you as trustworthy and is more inclined towards purchasing from you.

In steps 1 and 2 of the marketing funnel, we ensure the content helps your target to realize their needs and desires.

In steps 3 and 4, we ensure the content is designed to give your target the necessary information about the product and show the product's competitiveness in comparison with available alternatives. In the 5th step, helpful content helps the target in decision making. And in the 6th step, your target ends up purchasing from you.

Accompanying content at step 7 is designed to ensure comfortable use of the product and, if possible, move the target again to the beginning of the journey for another product.

ScaleboX is known for tailor-made content and conversions in the Conversion Path and Sales Execution stage. It provides decision-makers with supportive sales content to shorten the deal sales cycle and increase deal probability – helping you close more deals and earn more profit.

How Soon Does ScaleboX Reach Target Personas?

The ScaleboX platform guarantees the following results. However, figures and performance may vary by country, industry, segment, product, and ScaleboX speed.

Target contacts invitations

100 to 1000 per day

Contact database growth rate

up to 500 decision-makers / influencers’ permissions per day

MQL generation speed

3-100 leads per day


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